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7 Ways to Integrate Social Media into Your Sales Strategy

There is without a question that social media is one of the most valuable tools for driving sales. Social media should not be excluded when creating marketing strategies to reach your ideal customer and boost sales.

Look at social media networking as an add-on or a “multiplier” that helps improve your marketing efforts so you can reach your goals. It can be a bit confusing to understand or learn how to create a sales strategy as a social media manager for your campaigns, but we are here to help.

Check out these eight different ways to integrate your social media presence into a sales strategy for most customers and praises to your work.

Use your Twitter account for customer service.

Instead of utilizing your Twitter account as a singular place for your brand awareness, where one account supports the promotion of the brand and daily posting, divide part of your Twitter strategy for the customer engagement matrix. You can make a separate account just to interact with customers to respond to customer feedback, concerns, and queries.

By using Twitter as a customer service tool like Comcast and Network Solutions you can be on top of your consumers’ requests, questions, and support. Part of brand trust and value is to build your customer relations and you can begin by creating a Twitter customer service channel.

Introduce email and social media to each other. 

Your email campaigns can play a part in growing your social channels and also, traffic. While social media can help convert your followers into new email subscribers.

You can take simple steps like adding social media icons to your email campaigns and any other online distribution that reaches your customer. Don’t complicate the process by thinking you have to know coding to add in social icons, you can use email templates (ie. Mailchimp), that create it for you automatically. 

Lastly, you can convert your social media fans and followers into email subscribers. Email advertising platforms like Mailchimp, Aweber, Mad Mimi, or Constant Contact have plugins and instructions on how to include an email sign up form to your social channels like Facebook or Instagram. You can also go the old fashion way and simply create a post on your social posts, inviting followers to sign up to your email subscriber list. The same idea goes for your Instagram Stories – add a sticker to your story requesting emails for anyone who wants to subscribe.

Implement SEO content and keywords into all of your social media.

Did you know that Google algorithm can pick up SEO keywords on your Instagram captions and Tiktok videos? By using tools like Semrush or Buzzsumo, you can learn what’s trending, narrow down keywords, and create branded content that coincides with your goals and develop SEO centered content.

Creating content that is search engine optimized, your newfound traffic can contribute to decreasing ad spend – saving money yet increasing online awareness.

Utilize Linkedin, Utilize Linkedin, one more time, UTILIZE LINKEDIN.

Many social media managers, marketers, and brands underestimate Linkedin. Linkedin is the must-use platform if want to seem like the expert in your industry, I mean we know you already are the expert, show it off!

With the use of Linkedin, you can create strategic partnerships by using groups and create discussion boards, generate leads with the messenger and engaging with relative posts and users, and if ad spend is in your strategy, execute on display ads. 

Get down and nitty with hashtags to attract your audience.

Hashtags have been in the game for social media strategies and they are still the Kim Kardashians in the industry. Hashtags are greatly useful primarily for Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok. 

When users are trying to look up information online, they either go to Google or if they want to use social media, they look up relative hashtags. Make sure to set time aside to learn what hashtags are trending and which ones are useful so you can create a movement to your social channels. Tools like Hashtagify and Ninjalitics give you insights on what is and what is not working.

This is a typical promoting practice among bigger brands, and all things considered, it is for a good reason. It gives a separate component through which users can easily get access to their preferred interests. 

Max out creative marketing ideas for all social platforms.

Get creative with your social media platforms by engaging with your customers, fans, and followers. They like to be heard and seen – they love knowing someone is listening.

Create epic contents, giveaways, use tools like Stickers, and create Reels to keep your followers up to speed with what you are up to. You can even distribute this in your email campaigns by announcing a social media give away, wheeling in your email subscribers to your social channels. 

Distribute customer ratings and reviews at every corner of your social channels.

Don’t be afraid to share your customer ratings and reviews on all of your channels more specifically on your website. New visitors and new fans want to hear what other users think about your business and your service. 

When you are shopping on Amazon, most likely you are reading the reviews. If the product has a low rating, what are the chances you purchase the item? Very slim to none.

Therefore, think of it that way with your client’s testimonials and ratings. Create a social media post pillar specifically for your consumer reviews – you can post monthly, weekly, semi-weekly reviews on your feed and/or stories. The more you showcase your clients’ success or your brand, you build trust and increase the chance of someone becoming a customer.

These seven tips on implementing a sales strategy to your social media will vamp your campaigns and help boost traffic to your website and relative pages. If you are a social media manager or marketer, we both know that sales are what makes a customer happy. Try these social media tips and witness how much happier your clients and even users will be once they feel heard.

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