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10 Social listening tools to boost your social media campaign

According to recent stats, social media has multiplied its users to 3.96 billion! Hence, it became the number 1 marketing platform to engage with clients. This marketing-platform conqueror enhances your brand’s performance. However, you have to play the right cards at the right time. For this purpose, social media listening tools could come in handy.

Let’s dig into Social listening.

Social listening is an effective social media strategy and is all about observing your brand’s social media platforms. Factors include client input, direct posts, related keywords, topics, and competitors. The next step is analyzing the collected data. You could use the results to tip the scales in your brand’s favor. Furthermore, with the discovery of social trend drivers, social listening might help in improvising your campaign.

In most straightforward words, social listening tools shoulder your campaigning responsibility by becoming your ears. If you search for a tool right now, you may find yourself in a troubling situation of choosing the right one. There are many social listening tools but worry not! We are here to pull you out of this concerning situation by presenting the ten best social listening tools that might boost your campaign and your sales.

1. HubSpot

Hubspot offers many services that could save your time and effort. Assembling marketing campaigns, sharing content, and spreading your brand on other platforms are a few of the most utilized services offered by this social listening tool.

2. Sprout Social

The next one on our list is the “Top Rated Social Media Manager 2020” named Sprout Social. Some of the core features of this listening tool include; audience analysis, customer feedback, consumer research, influencer recognition, sentiment research, campaign analysis, competitor comparison, and trend identification. With these features, Sprout Social has been one of the best social listening tools in the market.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite offers a unique system that makes social listening simpler than ever. It allows you to see all your messages, comments, and brand mention under one dashboard. Certainly, Hootsuite improves engagement with the customer. However, it is not limited to these features only. Hootsuite monitors trends for you by listening to your customer’s conversations so, it keeps you one step ahead. Furthermore, they protect your brand’s reputation by keeping you informed about any complain going viral.

4. Buffer

Buffer can help you in simplifying your campaign by providing a shared inbox service. This service lets you post content as well as handle the comments from one dashboard. Moreover, it analyses all comments and informs you about the ones that are best to answer. Hence, proving itself a worthy social listening tool.

5. TweetReach

TweetReach is an incredible tool for businesses looking to carefully analyzing their Twitter reach. This tool can precisely assess the number of visits to your chosen keyword or hashtag. Additionally, it gives you analysis on impressions, clients’ suggestions, post schedules, and that’s not all. This tool also encourages you to find who your most susceptible supporters. This way, you could focus your tweets on them.

6. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo has proved itself one of the best social listening tools available. It has four key components; Discovery, Research, Influencers, and Monitoring. BuzzSumo allows you to see the number of impressions on each post. Moreover, shortlisting the best approach for your postings could be easier with its help.

7. Keyhole

Keyhole company centers around Twitter and Instagram brand analysis. The tool allows you to follow hashtags, mentions, usernames, and more across social media platforms. Furthermore, Keyhole offers incredible heat maps. These maps highlight the variations in brand mentions and engagements with your brand around the globe- therefore, this service provides you the chance to understand your intended target groups and interface more readily with demographics. Clients like BBC, Netflix, and WWF rely on Keyhole due to its excellent services.

8. SumAll

SumAll is an extraordinary tool for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps you break down the relationship between your social media platforms. Similarly, you could plan computerized posts in your spare time. You can even get brief, daily email updates that contrast previous and current week’s metrics to develop your campaign.

9. Mention

Social mention tools can follow a great many content sources across 42 dialects. Hence, you can monitor your brand references throughout the world. You can choose what content you’d prefer to block out, so you’re just focusing on content that matters. With the help of this competitive analysis tool, you can consistently increase your content’s competency.

10. Awario

Awario social listening tool is an excellent option for increasing brand awareness. It suggests the SEO keywords that invite the most traffic and keeps you informed about all the brand mentions protecting your brand’s reputation. These services make Awario one of the most popular social listening tools.

Handling social media marketing campaigns is overwhelming, so it consistently favorable to rely on Social Listening Tools. With the assistance of these tools, marketing campaigns have shown a positive impact- hence social listening tools are worth each penny.