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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

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Wisdom, Dedication, Humility, Innovation It’s what we live by because, like you, we’re human.

Gaeanovo Social Media Marketing Agency

Gaeanovo social media agency

Who we are?

Our level of expertise, passion, and the creative direction is unmatched by larger agencies, and our work reflects that.

We notice social media marketing agencies are missing key elements. Authenticity, personalization, and realism which connect with clients and this s what most marketers fail to understand. That’s why we developed this top tier agency that drives results. We maintain a personal relationship with our clients and we are passionate about it. This gives us a chance to work with like-minded clients to drive better results.

We incorporate holistic practices into our work. Our values are true to our team. We believe, we are all connected- Our team our clients, and us. We follow the mindset for truly believing in yourself to achieve what you desire If you are passionate about something, invest yourself — hands-on — you’ll go far.

Are you looking for a team that truly understands your business values? A team that strives to present your true essence on social media? Look no further. We are here to help.

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The Founder

Janet Jaimes

Janet Jaimes moved to Los Angeles from North Carolina to pursue her passion for music, journalism, and photography. Through determination and dedication, Jaimes got a corporate job as a Music Marketing Assistant. Later, she started helping with writing, social media marketing. During this, Janet discovered her talent and love for marketing. She chooses to fully devote her time to study everything it entails. And from there she embarked on this journey as a marketer. 

Janet picked up a corporate role as Lead Social Media Director. Her hard work and expertise in, public relations and brand management, she was able to prove her self worth. After succeeding she soon realized her love for traveling. Her new-found passion demanded time and dedication. Jaimes decided to devise a way to balance her two passions. She opened her own social media marketing agency: Gaeanovo. She continued with her photography as a side hustle. 

Janet from Gaeanovo social media agency