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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

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Who We Are

Gaeanovo social media agency

Our level of expertise, passion, and creative direction is unmatched by larger agencies, and our work reflects that.

We noticed there is a strong need for social media marketing agencies that live and breathe consciousness to help brands alike and have the burning desire to support nonprofits change the world. That’s why Gaeanovo was born.

We are a team of professionals who have a purpose on earth and that’s by changing lives. We do this by providing top-tier agency services to those making an impact in people’s stories and develop admirable results while maintaining a personal, conscious, never robotic, relationship with our clients.

Because we’re truly passionate about this aspect of our work and lifestyle, we also aim to work with clients that are mindful and alike in this sense. We incorporate holistic practices in our works, which include our own values and what’s true to us and our team. 

The Founder

Hi, I am Janet Jaimes! I am the founder of Gaeanovo, Certified Holistic Wellness + Life Coach, and an avid chai latte drinker.

My story begins when I moved to Los Angeles from North Carolina to pursue my passion for music, journalism, and photography. Through determination and dedication, I was able to build my career to the point of working as a Social Media Community Manager at a reputable music-tech company. Though in the midst of my rise, I had a spiritual awakening that rattled everything and had me question my doings.

Taking note of my strong desire to work in marketing, I could no longer be in an industry that wasn’t contributing to my purpose. Therefore, I stepped away from the music industry and went back to freelancing only working with wellness coaches. Over time, it became clear being a Social Media Marketing Manager for people who are aiming to better other individuals’ lives be it through wellness, energy work, charity, or mentorship, was much needed. Those brands, individuals, nonprofits need marketers who understand the lifestyle and their visions so then I founded my own Social Media Marketing Agency: Gaeanovo.

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