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Our Work

It is always a pleasure and delight to work with like-minded clients. We have collected success stories below to help you manage your expectations when working with us. The mindset we incorporate in our works, which includes our own values and what’s true to us and our team.

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The Nourished Caveman: Therapeutic Nutritionist

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Camp Celestial Bodies: Affiliated with The Burning Man Project

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Be Her Village: Helping New Moms Get Support, Not Stuff

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Critical Mass Dance Company Non-Profit Organization

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As we believe it’s all connected, so we follow the mindset – that is when you fully believe in something, are passionate about it, and invested — hands-on — you’ll go far. We understand the struggle of growing the online business.

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Feng Shui Energy Practitioner IG Grid

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Be Her Village Tik-Tok Grid

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Success Stories

The Essential Carnivore Cookbook

The Essential Carnivore Diet Cookbook

Gaeanovo developed a strategic book release campaign for a reputable author in the Carnivore + Keto industry resulting in massive sales and brand awareness.

  • Social Media Strategy + Execution
  • AD Campaign Creation + Management
  • Social Selling + Giveaway Promo
  • Lead Generation + Email Marketing

Influencer Marketing

SYZYGY: CBD for Mindfulness

As a new start-up, SYZYGY was looking to connect with like-minded influencers to showcase their conscious CBD brand across social channels. Gaeanovo was able to fully execute an influencer campaign connecting with voices of social media to promote and sell SYZYGY CBD products.

  • Market Research & Strategy
  • Outreach & Bookings
  • Campaign Management

Burning Man Project: Camp Celestial Bodies

Camp Celestial Bodies: Accelerant Event

The Burning Man Project: Camp Celestial connected with Gaeanovo for two special events. Both projects were approved and led by Burning Man veterans, but it was Gaeanovo’s expertise that led the campaign to sucess.

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Creation + Design
  • Social Selling & Engagement
  • Facebook Group Management