10 Black Mindfulness Teachers in the World You Should Follow

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10 Black Mindfulness Teachers in the World You Should Follow

Mindfulness is nothing else but being aware – from paying attention to what we eat, what our body demands, our interactions with friends, how we witness ourselves in the mirror, advocating ways to remain present and more importantly, as of lately, how we show up to the world on the BlackLives Matter Movement.​ Such abstract mindfulness practices certainly have no color, no nationality. It binds all people, from black people, white people, Mexicans, or even black Asians, into one global family who share the common thought of trying to be a better version of themselves and as a community every day.

With the world shaken up right now, the narrative of Black Lives Matter is stripped to its core and out in the open since the death of George Floyd rattling the hearts of people of color. Now more than ever, mindfulness leaders such as AngelaRose Black​and Angel​ Kyodo Williams​ are at the forefront on social media for black women and overall, African American’s to showcase the importance of mindfulness practices.

Just like Angela and Angel, amid numerous news of black Americans being killed by police, additional African American leaders and teachers are favoring black zen in support of the black lives. They are either avid yogis, meditation teachers, speakers, lead a wholesome lifestyle, or practice various forms of fitness, giving subtly a message that color has nothing to do with mindfulness. Through their service to the causes of racial justice, awareness about health and happiness, and community wellness, they have carved a niche for themselves in the mindfulness space.

So, to give a healthy perspective to the happenings of June 2020 including the celebration of Juneteenth​,​ an important imprint in black history, we bring you here a peek into the profiles of black people who are ambassadors of mindfulness and how they are changing the lives of the people in cities like Los Angeles, or New York and other parts of the world with their work and impactful health initiatives.

Sara Clark – International Yoga Expert and Teacher

Based in New York, Sara​ Clark​is a famous African American yoga teacher and a global yoga ambassador for the famed brand LuluLemon​.​Clark’s advocacy for the black community has been seen in Shape Magazine, Yogaglo, and Yoga Today. She’s one of the few black women to land the cover of magazineslike the Yoga Journal and the Prevention​ since Clark contains a powerful voice of compassion and encourages all levels of yoga students.

Eric Bigger – Mindful Fitness Trainer and TV Personality

Creator of the new self-help book “MindsetEvolutions”​ EricBrigger​guides and encourages people on how to master life by bringing mindfulness into action. Though a TV personality on the Bachelorette, he is a prime example of what it means to use your fame for the good. Since the spotlight sits over the heads of the police department and African Americans, Bigger connects with other black meditation teachers in supporting mindfulness practices for black people and supporting the civil rights movements.

Lauren Ash – Founder of Black Girl in Om

Published in the New York times as someone who is “fostering​ a community of healing,” Lauren Ash​ is a wellness and mindfulness visionary, an inspirational speaker, and the Executive Director of Black Women and Women of Color Wellness initiative – Black​ Girl in Om.​What initiated her journey as a black mindfulness role model is when she noticed a missing gap in the black community while living in Chicago – “I noticed that I rarely, if ever, had a yoga teacher of color, or a black woman at that,” Ash relates to NY Times.

Rachel Ricketts – Racial Justice Educator, Healer, Speaker, and Author

The avid speaker on black women’s wellness matters, RachelRicketts​ helps people by encouraging them to vent off uncomfortable thoughts to transform and heal. Through her growing platform, she aims at delivering deep-diving workshops online for both corporate and personal work experiences under the mindfulness umbrella. Ricketts recently voiced her thoughts and opinions with the recent death of GeorgeFloyd,​expressing concerns that exist in the black community and anger towards the police killings.

Faith Hunter – International Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Instructor, and Wellness Philanthropist

CEO of EmbraceOm,FaithHunter,​ a yoga and meditation instructor by both profession and passion, is encouraging people to live their most “divine life” by adopting healing, wellness, and spirituality as a lifestyle. Reaching people through yogavideos,​insightful speeches, and Youtube Channel,​she spreads awareness around black people’s wellness and mindfulness.

Andrew Sealy – Podcaster and Yoga Instructor

Creator of the YogaRevealed Podcast and​ yoga instructor AndrewSealy​offers online yoga training sessions to ensure a better reach online for all lives especially after Coronavirus shutdowns. Sealy consistently shares his impressionable thoughts and philosophy towards police enforcement and reminding black Americans to remember their roots. He is one of the few that showcases kindness and love and a supporter of mindfulness for the people during a lot of hatred.

Phylicia Bonanno – Yoga Teacher, Sound Therapy, and Mindfulness Teacher

Co-Founder and CMO of Sistersof Yoga,​ PhylliciaBonanno​is a black woman famously known for her meditation and flow sessions via AloMoves​and a reiki healer. As one of the mothers of the social media collective Sisters of Yoga, Bonanno provides a platform to the underrepresented people of color who are yoga and meditation teachers.

Cleo Wade – Author and Poet

The famous black American mindfulness artist Cleo​ Wade​ is a published author, poet, and notably recognized for her literary works of Heart​ Talk​ and Where​ to Begin.​She is an active force in the global network of the black lives matter movement and encourages all lives including white people to fight racism.

Tie Simpson – Founder, Mindful Coach and Content Creator

Just like Phylicia Bonanno, TieSimpson​ is the other Co-Founder of Sistersof Yoga,​ a yoga coach, and Mindfulness expert. Simpson’s free-spirited attitude and persona via social media have conveyed a “hippie” voice to the black community. She speaks her holistic support for the black lives, provides a wide spectrum view for white people and African Americans, and leads intentional guided meditations through talks and branded series.

Darian Hall – Founder and Holistic Practitioner

Darian Hall​ is not a famous African American, but he is getting noticed for being the defender of black people via social media and proponent for black holistic wellness. Hall is the Co-Founder of HealHaus​,​ a haven in New York for people of all colors to come to join in workshops, meditation sessions, and yoga. He drives his passion for his social platforms to support the importance of black history while also doing it mindfully.

As we mentioned before, we would like to use our platform to create a positive impact in the world including the black lives matter movement. It matters to remain in alignment​ with your energy​ and direct it to a cause of doing something meaningful and life-changing.

By following one or more of the black mindfulness leaders and teachers, not only are you supporting our black friends in trembling times, but one can understand the importance of correct attitude amidst the scheme of things dictating our lives.

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