The 8 Most Interesting Hostels in the World

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The 8 Most Interesting Hostels in the World

Finding the best hostels can sometimes feel like you’re gambling. You’re a winner, rolling in those Benjamin Franklin’s as you indulge in a complimentary massage by the swimming pool. Or, you can go home with less money than you came since you’re stuck with broken showers and beds louder than the snores from the person next door.

However, during your travels, you might already feel like you are winning since you’ve traveled to a new place. Though why not turn it into an enduring experience the moment you set foot into your temporary home, aka hostel?

In the following, we highlight some of the most interesting and unique hostels around the world. These unusual yet amazing selections are some of the few that will leave you in a daze, and who knows, you might not ever want to leave your hostel.

Book and Bed, Tokyo Japan

Reach, grab a book, read, and sleep, literally!

Centrally located in the shopping and entertainment district of Tokyo, Japan, is Book and Bed​, a bookstore themed hostel. It’s home to over 3,000 books where guests like yourself can choose whichever ones without limit for your entire stay.

One of the features of Book and Bed comfortable bunk beds and nestled in bookshelves spoiling travelers who are avid readers. If you’re not in the mood to lie in bed, grab a book and lounge in their stylish cafe where breakfast and dessert are available upon purchase.

The ​Book and Bed Hostel ​is for you if you like…

  • Unlimited free 24-hours wifi.
  • Easy access to public transportation for adventures.
  • Literature, did we say all-access to free books?

Rocking J’s, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Bring out your inner child to the surface because at ​Rocking J’s​; you’re going to need it. The hostel is located in ​Puerto Viejo​, by the Caribbean, inviting youthful travelers. ​Rocking J’s​has a jungle ambiance due to its vibrant and colorful ​treehouse-like dorms, private rooms​, and tents.

Additionally, their open-air facilities give you a chance to enjoy the chirping of exotic birds as a daily soundtrack. You can get fully lost in the sounds of nature in their outdoor restaurant and bar called Good Vibes, a catalyst to meet other fellow travelers.

The ​Rocking J’s Hostel​ is for you if you like…

  • Mother Nature and all of her goodness.
  • Surfing or diving since the beach is walking distance.
  • To relax and plan to leave the ‘wildness’ to the jungle animals.

Radeka Downunder Underground Motel and Backpacker Inn, Coober Pedy, Australia

Are you visiting the land of Downunder? How about actually lodge underground for the full experience? That’s right! The Radeka Downunder Underground Motel and Backpacker Inn​ is a hostel providing guests with extensive experience of sleeping closer to the earth’s core, okay, maybe not that close…

Despite that ​Radeka Hostel​wheels you in with a ‘down under adventure,’ to achieve it, your endurance is tested. Unless you book a private room, to get back and forth from the toilets and showers to your dorm room, expect to step up and down at least 34 steps. Based on their ​Hostel World ratings​, travelers seem not to care too much about that since the prime location and amenities compensate.

The ​Radeka Downunder Underground Motel and Backpacker Inn ​is for you if you like…

  • To cook and need free access to a full kitchen.
  • Backpacking, so a washing machine is a gold.
  • The main road nearby to continuously explore the city.

Jumbo Stay, Stockholm, Sweden

All aboard – fasten your seatbelts because you’re about to endure a first-class BED… huh? Yes, bed and pillows! ​Jumbo Stay Hostel​ is the first of its kind built into an airplane and a modernly sleek milieu​ giving guests a first-class experience.

Only a six-minute shuttle ride, ​Jumbo Stay​, is ideal for travelers starting or ending their trip, so there’s no need to wake up at dawn for their flight. Fierce or not, you’re going to love how each room is equipped with a contemporary flat screen tv and easy access to their stay of art toilets and showers, fancy!

The ​Jumbo Stay ​is for you if you like…

  • A relaxed evening before an early flight.
  • Enjoy modern accommodations.
  • Funky experiences, and just want to check it out, I mean, it’s an airplane hostel.

Banana Bungalow, Los Angeles, California (U.S.A)

Smacked down next to the Walk of Fame is a retro hostel that fits every cliche mental image of LA – florescent colors, palm trees, a glistening pool, and ‘always so’ comfortable weather temperatures. Overall, ​Banana Bungalow​is the one-stop place to fit and take care of all your Hollywood desires.

The​Banana Bungalow​takes away your typical headaches like transportation, maps, locating the party hot spots, or vice versa, giving you space so you can decompress and unwind. Their friendly staff helps organize shuttle service to the beach, hooks you up with free entry to nightclubs, and hosts movie nights.

The ​Banana Bungalow​​Hostel​ is for you if you like…

  • Epic party buses, limo rides, pub crawls, and poker nights.
  • Reliable Wifi Service to capture possible A-listers nearby.
  • Free breakfast to enjoy in an outdoor space.

MET A Space Pod, Singapore, Singapore

If you were like the average child, most kids say they want to be an astronaut when they grow up. You might not have been able to complete that mission, but sleeping in space could be feasible. ​Met A Space Pod Hostel​ in Singapore is one to help you with that dream.

We aren’t literally talking about flying into outer space and sleeping there but, instead, bring the experience to you on earth. Their hostel whirls you into an outer space aesthetic with pods where you can unfurl. All the walls are painted with dark colors but shine neon lights and decor to get you a ​unique ‘space’ experience​.

The ​MET A Space Pod​ is for you if you like…

  • Astronomy and the vast universes personality.
  • Easy access to eateries, museums, and nightlife.
  • All the help you can get like pick up service, laundry, and walking tours.

DJH Youth Hostel (Castle Hostel), Nuremberg, Germany

History is alive here in the ​DJH Castle Hostel​.​With creative imagination, you can almost hear kings, damsels, and emperors rumble through the stoned walls. The castle dates back to the 12th century and recently renovated to fit a modern accommodation but still holds up its vivid history.

What makes the Castle Hostel even more unique is the accessibility to rehearsal rooms where you can bloom your musical inspiration with digital and grand pianos. After touching keys, travelers can calm their hunger in the cool lounge and tasty bistro with organic and healthy choices.

The ​DJH Youth Hostel (Castle Hostel)​ is for you if you like…

  • To live and learn about the history of Germany.
  • Musically inclined or eager to decompress while playing instruments.
  • Healthy veggie meals to feed the curious mind.

The Bivvi, Breckenridge, Colorado

In the Rocky Mountains of Colorado are ​The Bivvi Hostel​, a gem for adventurers, outdoor gurus, and mountain ramblers. The lodge has a quaint and cozy charm for anyone looking for a winter wonderland high or a summer getaway.

The hostel is hugged by epic views of the ten-mile mountain range that you could enjoy while soaking in the hot tub by the ​outdoor fire pit all year round​. Though in the summertime, you have a chance to experience adrenaline commotions like rafting, kayaking, or rock climbing. While in the winter, snowboarding or snowmobiling births a permanent grin upon your face.

The ​Bivvi Hostel​ is for you if you like…

Don’t gamble on your hostel experience anymore by visiting these eight most interesting hostels in the world. Next time you jump on an airplane you might be flying to just stay at a hostel versus actually exploring a new place – your choice, no one will blame you.

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