Social Media Case Study: Keith Cullen

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Social Media Case Study: Keith Cullen

Client: Keith Cullen

Los Angeles based Irish singer-songwriter Keith Cullen is a rising pop artist that is all about colors and visuals. His multimedia heavy online presence consists of high-quality videos and photography to best capture his vibrant music and personality. Keith’s online presence consists of promoting his colorful music and merchandise.

Campaign Goals

Increase Facebook and Instagram Engagement & Following

A current fan base exists on the most popular social media platforms, but they aren’t engaging, so we aimed to increase engagement rate as well as his following.

Increase Artist’s Streams & Sales

Promote his music online in order to increase his streams on popular music streaming platforms (YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and iHeartRadio) as well as direct fans to purchase his merchandise.

Improve Media Production & Brand Consistency

Improve multimedia content through the production of high quality photos, music videos and video snippets. Maintain a general consistency in his overall brand as well as the content being posted online.

Improve Media ProductionImplement Creativity & PR

Incorporate creativity in online postings through the implementation of a creative direction. Increase artist popularity through press mentions, magazine features and ranking on musical charts.


Organically increase growth and engagement through organic social media marketing tactics. Implement other social media strategies such as utilizing hashtag, interacting with fans and producing captivating, high quality content.

Design and develop a creative direction that best captures the artist’s colorful brand.

Monitor and engage with his fanbase on social media through liking, commenting, replying, and responding to private messages.

Create and conduct an individual strategy for each platform, with Facebook highlighting his spiritual side and showcasing articles.

Utilize public relations tactics and media relations to obtain press mentions, interviews, and magazine/article features.

Produce high-quality videos and photos that best ties in with his vibrant and colorful brand in order to create consistency and professionalism.

Utilize online targeting strategies in order to grow the audience.


  • From no engagement to too much to handle.
  • Built an artist and fan relationships.
  • Organically gained followers.
  • Organically increased engagement
  • Increased music streams via Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.
  • Professional look and feel with consistent creative direction.
Social Media Case Study: Keith Cullen
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