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Social Media Services To Upscale Your Business

We understand the struggle of growing the online business.

Let us handle your online presence will you focus on more important tasks of your business. Our project-based social media packages are created to serve small to large businesses. Look through our list of services and packages below. Explore which package fits your business. Know your current stage and tell us where you would like to be. Set the goals you aim and get going!

Essential for businesses to begin their journey in prosperity.

Getting started on social media is daunting and overwhelming. That’s why we offer our Bronze package. With this package, we aim to set the path by establishing your market and building your online presence. With Geanovo take your brand to the next level. Our team works with you along the way and supports you in building your brand online.

Bronze Social Media Service Package

Bronze Package


✔ Full Account Analysis

✔ 1 Social Media Platform

✔ 5 Branded Graphic Design Templates

✔ Weekly Community Engagement

✔ Monthly Social Calendar

Gold Social Media Service Package

Gold Package


✔ Up to 3 Social Media Networks

✔ Full Account Analysis

✔ Market Research and Strategy

✔ Daily Community Engagement

✔ 10 Branded Graphic Design Templates

✔ 3 Video Social Templates

✔ Social Selling

✔ Monthly Social Media Calendar

✔ Monthly Analytics and Reporting

Shine brighter and faster.

If you are already using social media to its full potential but still not seeing fast results, then this for you. With our team of professional writers and strategists, we look closely for the loose ends of your business.  We then help you reach your objectives and goals quicker in no time. Your business will be golden. At this stage, you’re almost ready to let go and swim with the big sharks.

Grow exponentially, exceed expectations, and make a name for yourself.

With our Platinum package, you’ll get the most of which you need to deliver to your customers. We help you build lasting relationships with your audience which convert to paying customers. In no time, you’ll make a name for yourself and top your niche. You will also simultaneously increase your chances of being more visible.

Beat your competitors and not only swim with the big sharks, but become one of them.

Platinum Social Media Service Package

Platinum Package


✔ Up to 6 Social Networks

✔ Full Account Analysis

✔ Market Research and Strategy

✔ Hashtag Strategy 

✔ Daily Community Engagement

✔ 15 Branded Graphic Design Templates

✔ 5 Video Social Templates

✔ Bi-Weekly Social Media Calendar

✔ Bi-Weekly Analytics and Reporting

✔ Social Selling

Additional Offerings or Add Ons

We offer additional services for social media marketing like consulting, running ads and much more! If you are interested in learning about our other offers, please take a look below. Don’t hesitate to send us a message for additional questions or to move forward to the next step!

Consulting and Advice

Get a well-versed strategy for you and your in-house team. With in house production of content, you certainly save cost. But if it is not efficient, the cost of losing your business might be much higher. Our social media consulting and advice service is an exclusive premiere offering. We provide clients an opportunity to take their social media channels to a whole other level. After learning more about your current struggles, our team of social media experts set up a plan for you and your team to tackle the social media game like pros.

Advertising Campaigns

Never underestimate the power of paid media. With our diligent research in your industry, we can successfully set you up on any platform that offers ads like Facebook, Instagram, Google ADs, Twitter, and much more. Once we learn more about your goals and mission, we manage and implement a campaign after conducting a diligent competitive market for audience research and bring you great results.


You might be someone who adores creating graphics and publishing them yourself, but have trouble with writing captions to meet your goals – this is where we step in. We will jump on a call to discuss your needs with copy-writing, be it, social captions or blogs, YES! We help write blogs too! All articles and captions are written after performing research on the topic, includes SEO keywords, and relative links for references, and a research summary document of the entire project. Once we understand your goals, together we will set up a streamlined process so we can deliver a copy that speaks in your voice.

See what you like or are interested in something else?

We are here to listen and hear what you really need.

Please contact us to get started today or to discuss discuss a custom package or service that fits exactly what you are looking for. We are here to strive in the social media world and we want you with us!