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The Top 2020 Social Media Tools You Need Today

Good social media marketing strategies don’t simply occur without any forethought – you need social media tools! It’s not only a sprinkle of posts and a touch of evergreen content, unfortunately, but there’s also no mystical internet-based life formula. Exceptional social online networking is unlike any other marketing strategy that is deliberately constructed, estimated, calculated, and established on a solid and clear system.

Therefore, social media tools can help you stay active and on top of the game making it simpler for social media managers and marketers, making the heap of work simpler. To get your social media platforms fit as a fiddle for the rest of 2020, you ought to consider adding the following twelve tools to your social media toolbox. 


Biteable is a video content creation social media tool that helps create visual content – which is fundamental for social networking. Over 6 million people use the platform to create stunning videos from templates and stock videos or images.

Biteable is considered a “must-have” since visual (video) content gets up to 12 times more shares than images or text posts. The video maker tool helps brands to connect and engage with online users and boost engagement – taking them to a higher level


Buffer is a ‘simpler social media tool for authentic engagement.’ The social media tool helps marketers and managers to do a variety of tasks that will help your campaigns run smoother and even better, reflect growth!

A few of things that Buffer is great at includes assisting with visual planning and scheduling for publishing content, analyses tools to have a full spectrum view of all campaigns like insights and performance for reach, sales, and engagement, and additional community management tools to reply to comments and build customer trust to boost followers.


Buzzsumo is a research social media tool that unleashes information about trending topics so you are staying up to date with social media trends. Content discovery and content research is a significant help in creating new posts for your clients or brand.

Additionally, Buzzsumo has a find influencer tool for engaging with rising social media stars which brings value to your content too. The monitoring and API elements make it easy for keeping a simple eye on what is making moves online without you doing all the research legwork.


Missinglettr greatly helps you increase more traffic to your website and social channels with lesser effort. Missinglettr aquatically turns your blog posts into engaging social media campaigns.

The biggest worry for brands or your social media clients is that they require more traffic to newly developed blogs. The whole process of promoting content on social media can be very time consuming and requires a lot of effort which you might want to put on other creative things.

Thus, Missinglettr comes to play the part and help create engaging content that drives more traffic and engagement to your platform. The tool autopilots your content distribution – a contribution for less work.


So, you need a content supervisor but as of now, you are one-individual band answerable for all the content creation, technical support, and schedules? Meet MeetEdgar. An online networking tool that handles both re-sharing your content and advancing your social traffic: your helpful computerized content manager.

MeetEdgar is a social media automation and scheduling tool, removing the stress and turning your social media campaigns into a success. The social media tool creates posts for you, helps selects categories, and automates content.


Mention is a social media listening tool designed to improve your community management and engagement. It supervises mentions of your brand, your products, and even your rivals progressively.

Mention also helps brings insights relative to your market, customer, trending topics, and what enables you to listen to your target audience. By connecting with your niche customer, you can create content based on what they are looking for – boosting your traffic.


Sumo is an email subscriber builder tool – capturing new leads. Sumo has a variety of new free tools and extensions to help boost your website traffic. A variety of trusted brands like Tony Robbins and Pistol Lake have successfully used Sumo to build their email list and generate new sales by having a larger customer list.


As a marketer or social media manager, or even a customer, you are busy and that means emails can stack up, new files can accumulate and links to vital documents can get lost in the shuffle. Zapier is an incredible help for organizations and businesses that need to take their atomization higher than ever. 

Zapier connects to all of your apps and accounts like Gmail or Dropbox, and syncs everything so you don’t miss a beat. Zapier is an organization and automation tool so you have more time doing what you love – either social media or maybe drinking matcha and less time looking for files.


AdEspresso takes your ads “to another planet” by boosting more results with fewer results in your campaigns. You can create your Facebook, Instagram, and Google ADs all in one place so it’s easier to implement, analyze and modify as needed

AdEspresso removes the mystery from how your promotions are coming across with your audience following your campaign name and focusing on the most minor details. You can make and oversee promotions for each of the three stages in a single spot and observe what’s working when your ad is live. 


Bitly is Rick Moranis of the URL world – honey, I shrunk the URL. Bitly is a link shortener, taking long URLs and contracting them into little ones. Bitly is a must-have because it helps memorize longer URLs by shortening them. 

Bitly provides an analysis tool so you can understand and witness how these links are performing and where the traffic is coming from. You can use the tool for free and upgrade to release additional services like website integration and detailed insights as your business grows.

These social media tools sooner than later can help you become a professional at social media management – or if you are a brand, showcase your social media experience through content.

Overall, it’s super crucial to use social media tools to save time and help boost social channel performance. The improvement of mechanization and checking innovations has permitted new progressed solutions to rise each day.

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conscious social media marketing

The Frontrunner for Conscious Social Media Management

The Internet is juggling the world on the tip of the needle and Gaeanovo is helping market conscious and non-profit brands to all the corners of the social media world. With our values like wisdom, dedication, humility, and innovation, we understand our clients on a personal level and provide the best-customized facilities. 

Gaeanovo is a full-service social media management agency with a twist.

The founder Janet Jaimes is a passionate spiritualist who aims to partner with brands who are making an impact in the world. The founder understands the importance of living a life well-connected with the spirit and planet earth. Therefore, Janet created Gaeanovo with a team that lives and breathes consciousness and supporting communities.

When we onboard a new client, we make a custom strategy dependent on their necessities and objectives – making it personal and individualized.

In today’s world, where virtual consuming behavior is prevailing, Gaeanovo is providing the best online social media tactics with its genius team and most innovative ideas. Our team comprises top tier social media strategies, managers, writers, designers, and community teams who promote brands through social network channels and reach the specific audience business actually needs. Our team has not only excelled at understanding the customer and generating the best ideas but has also shown its excellency in reaching the target audience – a proven act to be more profitable and less time-consuming.

Through the years of providing excellent services, Gaeanovo has attracted much attention and engaged the audience due to our exemplary content and has made decision making easy for the customers. We have not only provided every detail but have also made it precise and meaningful. Our clients have witnessed a fresh of breath air since connecting with us, knowing we too have similar lifestyles. What you speak and think, we live by.

Growth and capitalization for businesses on increasing momentum, decline, or need to move in another direction, all indicate that it’s time to take a step ahead and seize the power that drives social media. Joining our agency will bring various and flexible strategies to lift your business.

We, at Gaeanovo, believe that satisfying the customer virtually as equally as one physically browses the brand is the most important factor, so we put ourselves in their shoes because just like you, we are human too.

A Result Drive Social Media Agency.

Gaeanovo offers social media management services that include completing proper market research. With the Internet expanding its horizon to different forums every day, we offer target market research, an individualized strategy based on your objectives and goals, branded content creation, community management, and outreach, social selling and analytics analysis, and reporting. It is time that we improvise and innovate the way for you to market your business. 

At a rapid pace, the dynamic of businesses is changing which can be intimidating. That’s where our agency will pave the path for you.

At Gaeanovo, client satisfaction is our top priority, so we impose integrated multi-channel marketing which approaches to all the channels and gives the state-of-art experience to the audience using different forums alike. This seamless experience not only attracts the target audience but also spreads a coordinated centralized campaign.

If you are ready to become a part of an outstanding experience, our remarkable team at Gaeanovo will help you develop your social media marketing campaign. We will create what you desire and will take your campaign to the next level.

Gaeanovo helps its customers speak their message to the public with passion, laughter, and problem-solving. We pride ourselves in being your brand partner, or as we like to say it, friends. We take our craft seriously, hence we have been able to provide quality work to our customers. With our experience, we try our best to connect the branding, digital, and web presence to connect you to your audience.

We are here to help you reach the level of success you deserve.

Our goal is to cut the internet noise and make sure our customers stand out from the competition and deliver the best quality user experience through branding. You deserve more than a colorful attractive logo on your website. You deserve Gaeanovo, a storyteller that speaks to your audience and gives them what they want when they need it. And that is what we are here to deliver.

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