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20 Social Media Marketing Strategies You Should Implement

Recently, social media has become the most important marketing platform. But, like every other platform, hard work solely might not be enough. Smart work is also required for this purpose, and that’s where social media marketing tactics come in. Nevertheless, it can be easily boosted with the help of a few implementable social media marketing strategies.

If you search for effective social media marketing strategies right now, you will be flooded with options that will make your job harder than it seems… To save your time, we have thoroughly searched all the methods and chosen the 20 best social media marketing strategies that are most efficient.

1) Assemble as much data as possible 

Research about your targeted people and find out the key factors that could grab their attention. For this, your content has to be informative and interesting. In addition, the content should aim to prevent the readers from scrolling down, and for that, information related to your audience’s interest is vital.

2) Review all media platforms

It is important to analyze your engagement with the targeted audience on each social media platform as you never know which platform might turn the table in your favor. For this, use the analysis to modify the social media campaigns accordingly.

3) Enhance your social media profiles

Social Media profile contributes a lot to your campaign; once your audience enters your brand’s profile, they would analyze your profile picture, bio, URL, and previous posts. As a whole, your profile should leave an impression of being classy and well-orientated.

4) Keep a check on your competitors

Social media allows you to compete with brands all over the world. This sense of competition keeps you motivated to do better and aware of the new trends in your market. Review the strategies your competitors are implementing and try to come up with your own better version.

5) Get concepts from other brands

Many successful brands have some key strategies up their sleeves that help them multiply their audience. You should try to figure out their posting patterns, picture selections, caption tones, and the content for ads and use those strategies for your brand.

6) Audit posting time

What’s the best time to upload your post? A few factors are needed to be considered before looking for an answer; specify the location and age factor of your targeted audience and then search the statistics of social media traffic. You can also lookup the posting patterns of brands that have the most engagement with users.

7) Analyze your audience on different platforms

On Instagram, the picture of your post is the key element, the more appealing your picture is, the more chances there are; that the people would stop and read your caption. On the other hand, Facebook has a different approach, while Pinterest is all about pictures with a few catchy words. Moreover, each platform has unique users, so analyze your audience according to each platform and post accordingly.

8) Followers’ growth pattern

With each post, keep judging the followers’ trend. Then, after some days, read the pattern to learn what content pleases your followers and what helps you gain more followers. This way, you can develop the most efficient approach.

9) Focus on active followers

This one is a bit difficult task but saves a lot of effort once it is done. Many people are addicted to social media and are active daily; these people should be the center of your focus. Unfortunately, engaging with your posts is more likely to be intimidated and turned into your client, so try to shift your efforts more towards them.

10) Social media tools

Social media tools are a major plus point and save as it keeps track of audience engagement on each platform yourself so you should take advantage of this bonus and search for them right away. With the help of these tools, you can boost engagement with your followers.

11) Make your posts consistent

Consistency of posts is not only linked with daily postings but the type of posting as well. Content-type, images, use of logo, and tone of your captions contribute a lot in persuading people to consider your brand. Try to consistently include your brand’s message in each post so that every person to whom the post reaches understands your brand.

12) Enhancing your content

To raise your content’s level, we have a few tips for you; your message and purpose of the post should be clear and concise, try to relate the content with people’s daily lives, utilize the ongoing trends to tip the scales in your favor as it helps in gaining more attention, make it friendly and lastly, ask for the reader’s views so that they know that you value their opinion.

13) Conduct monthly ROI

Calculating ‘Return on Investment’ helps you keep track of your progress and set future targets. With your marketing insight, you can come up with a better plan for the amount and platform for future investments.

14) Set goals from the analysis

From the analysis you made, you can set up your weekly or monthly goals accordingly to know the exact amount of effort you need to put in. Believe in yourself, implement as many social media marketing strategies as possible, and then wait for your hard work to pay off.

15) Keep your goals realistic

Having high hopes is a good thing. However, the higher your goal is, the longer the wait is. Set up small and easily achievable targets. This will keep you on the right track. Yes, some people are indeed lucky. But most people have to show patience along with dedication, and with those, you will surely be able to achieve all of your goals one day.

16) SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis for your social media marketing gives you a greater image of your game. As its name suggests, it highlights your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. By assessing these four factors, you can devise a better plan for the future to attain more favorable results.

17) Social listening

Social listening is about tracking the public’s opinion related to your brand or other brands of the same genre. Social listening tools can be easily found on the internet, and they can help you in reshaping your campaign according to the public’s opinion. You can consider this as an opportunity to get suggestions from the people you want to engage with.

18) Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring helps you in maintaining regular contact with your audience by checking brand mentions, relevant hashtags, mentions of your competitors, and the trends in your industry. By monitoring all these, you can create a better social media marketing campaign.

19) Ways to connect with your followers

Persuade your followers to drop comments on your posts by asking their views or suggestions and reply to as many private messages as you can. This helps in building a healthy relationship with your followers and makes them trust your brand as well. In addition, social media monitoring helps in analyzing the trends among your audience. However, direct contact with your followers is the preferable choice if you have to choose.

20) Social Media Ads

Choose your most engaged posts for the social media advertisements and construct a decent caption for them. Try not to give too much in your caption, as the main purpose is to bring the viewers onto your profile, but that doesn’t mean that you should leave the caption blank. A decent caption means that it briefly gives your brand message and explains the purpose of the post. The budget of ads for each platform should also be according to their engagement so that you can maximize your profit.

Bottom Line:

These are some of the most effective social media marketing strategies; however, do not limit yourselves to these tactics only as you have to be unique to stand out.



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photo of conscious hippies

Client: Disclosurefest Nonprofit

Disclosurefest Nonprofit is a community-based platform uniting like-minded people in an effort to raise consciousness in health and wellness and to create awareness of global environmental and humanitarian initiatives with volunteer-based programs. Disclosurefest Nonprofit reached out to Gaeanovo to help raise funds and increase traffic to their website and socials.

Disclosurefest Nonprofit Campaign Goals

Reach Targeted Customer For A Merch Activation Line Launch

Create an ad campaign reaching new customers and targeting current audience for sales conversions.

Increase Sales Conversions Through By Using Facebook and Instagram ADs

Create engaging ad creatives with strategic ad copy to increase likelihood of clicks.

Boost Brand Awareness To Convert Disclosurefest The Face of Nonprofits

Target new markets to get engagement and attention from audiences unfamiliar with the Nonprofit.


➪ Conducted diligent market research to create a strategy targeting goals and aiming to over exceed.

➪ Designed on-brand Facebook and Instagram ads with engaging call to action and visual to appeal customer.

➪ Began with an A/B campaign test to learn what works or doesn’t work for target audience.

➪ Created a new audience set to target based on keywords, industry and mirrored competitors.


➪ Achieved over 2K unique website conversions

➪ Reached over 1million people targeting only specific locations

➪ Decreased cost per result to $0.0001

➪ Received over 400K post engagements

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sample instagam feed nonprofit trippy
sales photo promoting shirts for sale
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