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Client: Disclosurefest Nonprofit

Disclosurefest Nonprofit is a community-based platform uniting like-minded people in an effort to raise consciousness in health and wellness and to create awareness of global environmental and humanitarian initiatives with volunteer-based programs. Disclosurefest Nonprofit reached out to Gaeanovo to help raise funds and increase traffic to their website and socials.

Disclosurefest Nonprofit Campaign Goals

Reach Targeted Customer For A Merch Activation Line Launch

Create an ad campaign reaching new customers and targeting current audience for sales conversions.

Increase Sales Conversions Through By Using Facebook and Instagram ADs

Create engaging ad creatives with strategic ad copy to increase likelihood of clicks.

Boost Brand Awareness To Convert Disclosurefest The Face of Nonprofits

Target new markets to get engagement and attention from audiences unfamiliar with the Nonprofit.


➪ Conducted diligent market research to create a strategy targeting goals and aiming to over exceed.

➪ Designed on-brand Facebook and Instagram ads with engaging call to action and visual to appeal customer.

➪ Began with an A/B campaign test to learn what works or doesn’t work for target audience.

➪ Created a new audience set to target based on keywords, industry and mirrored competitors.


➪ Achieved over 2K unique website conversions

➪ Reached over 1million people targeting only specific locations

➪ Decreased cost per result to $0.0001

➪ Received over 400K post engagements

boy and girl wearing shirts promoting merch
sample instagam feed nonprofit trippy
sales photo promoting shirts for sale
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