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Client: Vivica Menegaz

As a certified whole-food nutritionist, author, blogger and ketogenic diet advocate,  Vivica Menegaz has a lot to say. Through her resources and programs that introduce a therapeutic approach to food, lifestyle and supplementation, such as The Healing Foods Method program, she assists many with health problems. Her modern, easy to follow and up-to-date solutions aim to help many learn how to live a  healthier lifestyle, get lighter and have more energy. Through her works and content, she aims to help others reclaim their health and quality of life.

Vivica Menegaz Campaign Goals

Boost Follower and Engagement Rates

Incorporate effective social media management tactics in order to increase reach, engagement and following.

Increase Website Traffic & Sales

Utilize social media channels to garner potential leads and new customers.

Create Authentic & Creative Content

Establish and maintain Vivica Menegaz’s brand, voice and look throughout social media through videos, photos and posts that embody and promote nutritious, clean and healthy lifestyle general vision that she has.


➪ Organically increased growth and engagement through proper hashtag usage, interacting with consumers, and captivating, high-quality content.

➪ Developed a targeted marketing strategy for her individualized health-focused niche and for each social channel.

➪ Created and managed giveaway campaigns to increase follower count and obtain new partnerships.

➪ Produced high-quality multimedia and content that best ties in with her brand, style and messages in order to improve her overall online presence.


➪ Increased follower and fan-base count by 72.73%

➪ Improved engagement rates by 27K%

➪ 23000% traffic to sales page

➪ Reached 208K in impressions

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