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6 Social Media Benefits You Do Not Want To Miss Out On

What is social media?

Social media includes platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat, etc. They help in increasing the interaction among people throughout the world. The launch of social media, back in the days, provided an opportunity to have a relaxing time. Additionally, it allowed us to stay updated about the things that may concern you. However, along with a number of social media benefits, it has become a necessity now.

The use of social media is widely well-recognized as more and more people join every day. Like everything else, it has its pros and cons, though the balance shifts more towards the pros. Not only it helps enlarge your social circle but also your business-client engagement. Social media has provided us with the opportunity to relax and get in touch with friends. With tons of facilities just a touch away, social media helps to save a lot of time.

In business, social media gives us several benefits that we could use to our advantage. In the following article, we are going to discuss the benefits of using social media. Like everything else, always use social media mindfully, in moderation, and with intent. Let’s move on to some of the major benefits, social media has to offer.

  •  Get a chance to meet new people from all over the world!

Ok, so why do people use social media? We are humans, designed to be social. From potlucks to birthday parties to housewarming gatherings – it comes naturally to be social. The only difference now is that there is the internet and phones. Social media helps in socializing as it offers people a chance to meet new folks around the globe. Before the coming of social networking sites, chat rooms were the best way to interact with other individuals on the internet.

However, there is a downside of chat rooms. You might not have the foggiest idea about the individual with whom you are cooperating. The introduction of profiles on social media platforms allowed people to know more about the other person before interacting with them.

  • Social media sites are user-friendly.

What attracts us to social media? The design of social media sites is in such a way that they are easier to understand. Social media has become so natural for people to explore as it requires lesser effort and knowledge on the internet and is so easy to learn. They offer a far simpler and better way of associating with new people than other internet sites like bulletin boards and emails. Their smartphone versions increased the number of users due to their easy accessibility.

  • Join groups that share your interests!

A large portion of the well-known social media allows users to create groups. The use of social media through groups enables like-minded individuals to share their thoughts and activities. A group acts a lot like a club whose membership is available to anyone who shares similar interests. It shows us the importance of networking in society. Choosing the right company is crucial. Luckily, these platforms allow you to join any group you like. Hence no company is forced on you. It is the sole reason why groups became so popular. 

  • They are FREE to use!

Famous social media platforms like Facebook and Google+ are free, making them accessible to everyone. These sites, for the most part, bring in their cash through promotions. Another way of bringing in revenue is through additional features like games and different applications that ought to be paid for by the user. However, the most popular apps are the ones that provide all the socializing facilities for free. A person who only wishes to spend some relaxing time on these platforms does not have to pay anything. Promoting a brand requires the owner to pay for advertising facilities. The packages, nonetheless, are pretty reasonable.

  • Social media’s job market.

Social media helps individuals in building up their brand on the internet. Individuals can post their abilities, achievements, and experience on these platforms. This way, they can be perceived by potential employers, many other companies, and even respective businesses. Numerous companies have begun enrolling individuals through social media like LinkedIn. Social media, as of now, has an enormous share to offer in the job market.

  • Helps businesses to reach out!

Another significant explanation behind the achievement of social media sites is that they help organizations by tracking their potential clients without any problem.  Social networking sites, unlike search engines, have targeted advertisement arrangements. So, organizations can approach to get to their potential client’s profiles. Social media likewise has one-of-a-kind access to the most personal data for its clients, like; their hobbies, interests, places they visited, and so on. This helps organizations by focusing on their promotions appropriately.

Also, social media communication has assisted individuals in growing their networking circles. The advertisement packages are worth each penny. Many businesses have limited their marketing to social media platforms due to the remarkable results. 

You can use social media marketing strategies that will help in increasing client’s interaction with your brand. The post you would like to boost needs to fulfill some requirements like your content has to be informative. Once you meet those requirements, you can set the location of your ads according to your needs and let these platforms handle the job. The use of social listening tools is another social media benefit. 

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social media apps

10 Social listening tools to boost your social media campaign

According to recent stats, social media has multiplied its users to 3.96 billion! Hence, it became the number 1 marketing platform to engage with clients. This marketing-platform conqueror enhances your brand’s performance. However, you have to play the right cards at the right time. For this purpose, social media listening tools could come in handy.

Let’s dig into Social listening.

Social listening is an effective social media strategy and is all about observing your brand’s social media platforms. Factors include client input, direct posts, related keywords, topics, and competitors. The next step is analyzing the collected data. You could use the results to tip the scales in your brand’s favor. Furthermore, with the discovery of social trend drivers, social listening might help in improvising your campaign.

In most straightforward words, social listening tools shoulder your campaigning responsibility by becoming your ears. If you search for a tool right now, you may find yourself in a troubling situation of choosing the right one. There are many social listening tools but worry not! We are here to pull you out of this concerning situation by presenting the ten best social listening tools that might boost your campaign and your sales.

1. HubSpot

Hubspot offers many services that could save your time and effort. Assembling marketing campaigns, sharing content, and spreading your brand on other platforms are a few of the most utilized services offered by this social listening tool.

2. Sprout Social

The next one on our list is the “Top Rated Social Media Manager 2020” named Sprout Social. Some of the core features of this listening tool include; audience analysis, customer feedback, consumer research, influencer recognition, sentiment research, campaign analysis, competitor comparison, and trend identification. With these features, Sprout Social has been one of the best social listening tools in the market.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite offers a unique system that makes social listening simpler than ever. It allows you to see all your messages, comments, and brand mention under one dashboard. Certainly, Hootsuite improves engagement with the customer. However, it is not limited to these features only. Hootsuite monitors trends for you by listening to your customer’s conversations so, it keeps you one step ahead. Furthermore, they protect your brand’s reputation by keeping you informed about any complain going viral.

4. Buffer

Buffer can help you in simplifying your campaign by providing a shared inbox service. This service lets you post content as well as handle the comments from one dashboard. Moreover, it analyses all comments and informs you about the ones that are best to answer. Hence, proving itself a worthy social listening tool.

5. TweetReach

TweetReach is an incredible tool for businesses looking to carefully analyzing their Twitter reach. This tool can precisely assess the number of visits to your chosen keyword or hashtag. Additionally, it gives you analysis on impressions, clients’ suggestions, post schedules, and that’s not all. This tool also encourages you to find who your most susceptible supporters. This way, you could focus your tweets on them.

6. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo has proved itself one of the best social listening tools available. It has four key components; Discovery, Research, Influencers, and Monitoring. BuzzSumo allows you to see the number of impressions on each post. Moreover, shortlisting the best approach for your postings could be easier with its help.

7. Keyhole

Keyhole company centers around Twitter and Instagram brand analysis. The tool allows you to follow hashtags, mentions, usernames, and more across social media platforms. Furthermore, Keyhole offers incredible heat maps. These maps highlight the variations in brand mentions and engagements with your brand around the globe- therefore, this service provides you the chance to understand your intended target groups and interface more readily with demographics. Clients like BBC, Netflix, and WWF rely on Keyhole due to its excellent services.

8. SumAll

SumAll is an extraordinary tool for small and medium-sized businesses. It helps you break down the relationship between your social media platforms. Similarly, you could plan computerized posts in your spare time. You can even get brief, daily email updates that contrast previous and current week’s metrics to develop your campaign.

9. Mention

Social mention tools can follow a great many content sources across 42 dialects. Hence, you can monitor your brand references throughout the world. You can choose what content you’d prefer to block out, so you’re just focusing on content that matters. With the help of this competitive analysis tool, you can consistently increase your content’s competency.

10. Awario

Awario social listening tool is an excellent option for increasing brand awareness. It suggests the SEO keywords that invite the most traffic and keeps you informed about all the brand mentions protecting your brand’s reputation. These services make Awario one of the most popular social listening tools.

Handling social media marketing campaigns is overwhelming, so it consistently favorable to rely on Social Listening Tools. With the assistance of these tools, marketing campaigns have shown a positive impact- hence social listening tools are worth each penny.


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black and white photo of a middle aged woman

Client: Jaime Villalovos

California native Jaime Villalovos is a highly successful female entrepreneur, business mentor, and success coach that provides educational seminars and individual management in order to direct many in the path to success. As a business woman, Jaime Villalovos aims to empower and see an increase in other women alike. Jaime Villalovos media team connected with Gaeanovo for social media consulting.

Jaime Villalovos Campaign Goals

Nurture Online Community

Enforce the production of consistent, recurring content that engages the audience while simultaneously being authentic to her voice and style.

Improve Online Presence

Implement effective social media management tactics in order to increase reach, engagement and following.

Direct High-Quality Videos and Photos

Apply creativity in devising and directing high quality videos and photos that will be used in social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.


➪ We used our social media consulting skills to identify her niche to then conduct a market audience research and hashtag analysis in order to increase targeted Instagram followers.

➪ Increased community interaction through utilizing past research and targeted hashtags in order to create engaging captions and competitive social media content.

➪ Dedicated an immense amount of time in community engagement and outreach efforts through the implementation of competitor and hashtag research.

➪ Worked with the media team, under our creative direction, to best capture her persona and main message through high quality photos and videos.


➪ Increased online engagement rate by 67.45K%

➪ Distributed professional and on-brand appealing feed

➪ Followers increased by 160%

➪ Reached over 1mil impressions

Jaime Villalovos 1
Jaime Villalovos 2
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conscious social media marketing

The Frontrunner for Conscious Social Media Management

The Internet is juggling the world on the tip of the needle and Gaeanovo is helping market conscious and non-profit brands to all the corners of the social media world. With our values like wisdom, dedication, humility, and innovation, we understand our clients on a personal level and provide the best-customized facilities. 

Gaeanovo is a full-service social media management agency with a twist.

The founder Janet Jaimes is a passionate spiritualist who aims to partner with brands who are making an impact in the world. The founder understands the importance of living a life well-connected with the spirit and planet earth. Therefore, Janet created Gaeanovo with a team that lives and breathes consciousness and supporting communities.

When we onboard a new client, we make a custom strategy dependent on their necessities and objectives – making it personal and individualized.

In today’s world, where virtual consuming behavior is prevailing, Gaeanovo is providing the best online social media tactics with its genius team and most innovative ideas. Our team comprises top tier social media strategies, managers, writers, designers, and community teams who promote brands through social network channels and reach the specific audience business actually needs. Our team has not only excelled at understanding the customer and generating the best ideas but has also shown its excellency in reaching the target audience – a proven act to be more profitable and less time-consuming.

Through the years of providing excellent services, Gaeanovo has attracted much attention and engaged the audience due to our exemplary content and has made decision making easy for the customers. We have not only provided every detail but have also made it precise and meaningful. Our clients have witnessed a fresh of breath air since connecting with us, knowing we too have similar lifestyles. What you speak and think, we live by.

Growth and capitalization for businesses on increasing momentum, decline, or need to move in another direction, all indicate that it’s time to take a step ahead and seize the power that drives social media. Joining our agency will bring various and flexible strategies to lift your business.

We, at Gaeanovo, believe that satisfying the customer virtually as equally as one physically browses the brand is the most important factor, so we put ourselves in their shoes because just like you, we are human too.

A Result Drive Social Media Agency.

Gaeanovo offers social media management services that include completing proper market research. With the Internet expanding its horizon to different forums every day, we offer target market research, an individualized strategy based on your objectives and goals, branded content creation, community management, and outreach, social selling and analytics analysis, and reporting. It is time that we improvise and innovate the way for you to market your business. 

At a rapid pace, the dynamic of businesses is changing which can be intimidating. That’s where our agency will pave the path for you.

At Gaeanovo, client satisfaction is our top priority, so we impose integrated multi-channel marketing which approaches to all the channels and gives the state-of-art experience to the audience using different forums alike. This seamless experience not only attracts the target audience but also spreads a coordinated centralized campaign.

If you are ready to become a part of an outstanding experience, our remarkable team at Gaeanovo will help you develop your social media marketing campaign. We will create what you desire and will take your campaign to the next level.

Gaeanovo helps its customers speak their message to the public with passion, laughter, and problem-solving. We pride ourselves in being your brand partner, or as we like to say it, friends. We take our craft seriously, hence we have been able to provide quality work to our customers. With our experience, we try our best to connect the branding, digital, and web presence to connect you to your audience.

We are here to help you reach the level of success you deserve.

Our goal is to cut the internet noise and make sure our customers stand out from the competition and deliver the best quality user experience through branding. You deserve more than a colorful attractive logo on your website. You deserve Gaeanovo, a storyteller that speaks to your audience and gives them what they want when they need it. And that is what we are here to deliver.

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