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Client: Jaime Villalovos

California native Jaime Villalovos is a highly successful female entrepreneur, business mentor, and success coach that provides educational seminars and individual management in order to direct many in the path to success. As a business woman, Jaime Villalovos aims to empower and see an increase in other women alike. Jaime Villalovos media team connected with Gaeanovo for social media consulting.

Jaime Villalovos Campaign Goals

Nurture Online Community

Enforce the production of consistent, recurring content that engages the audience while simultaneously being authentic to her voice and style.

Improve Online Presence

Implement effective social media management tactics in order to increase reach, engagement and following.

Direct High-Quality Videos and Photos

Apply creativity in devising and directing high quality videos and photos that will be used in social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.


➪ We used our social media consulting skills to identify her niche to then conduct a market audience research and hashtag analysis in order to increase targeted Instagram followers.

➪ Increased community interaction through utilizing past research and targeted hashtags in order to create engaging captions and competitive social media content.

➪ Dedicated an immense amount of time in community engagement and outreach efforts through the implementation of competitor and hashtag research.

➪ Worked with the media team, under our creative direction, to best capture her persona and main message through high quality photos and videos.


➪ Increased online engagement rate by 67.45K%

➪ Distributed professional and on-brand appealing feed

➪ Followers increased by 160%

➪ Reached over 1mil impressions

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Jaime Villalovos 2
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